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Selling a car?

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Browse through our catalogue of available vehicles

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Choose your car, request a viewing, make an offer

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On offer acceptance, we’ll facilitate the process, and complete all checks and paperwork.

Why Use Us

Virtual Drive is a safe digital platform that connects vehicle buyers and sellers online. There is transparency and safety every step of the way.
Trade vehicles anywhere and anytime, without needing a dealership.





Safe Viewings

Safe Viewings



There’s no pressure to accept below trade value or have to buy at retail. You won’t be flooded with calls from Internet trawlers, or have to meet up with strangers. No need to deal with paperwork headaches.


R 350,000
93000 km
Western Cape
R 270,000
56000 km
R 600,000
72000 km


How do I know if my selling price is realistic?

A price range guide is provided on vehicle registration and our sales evaluator will confirm value at scheduled viewing.

How long before I receive payment for my vehicle?

With 3 - 5 days provided funds have cleared through via secure payment system.

When do I hand release my vehicle to the buyer?

When the funds has cleared and all the necessary documentation has been signed off

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